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The Search is on for the Rare Barbados Threadsnake in Nature Documentary on Barbados’ Biodiversity
Photo 1: Robert Boyd records a scene for upcoming nature documentary featuring Barbados’ wildlife at Mount Hillaby
Artist Highlight – Michelle Bowe
Michelle Bowe
Artist Highlight – Don Small
Five Men at Six Mens
Don Small
Artist Highlight – Neville Legall
Neville Legall
Artist Highlight – John Webster
John Webster
Artist Highlight – Adrian ‘daBudzman’ Burnett
The Portal
Adrian ‘daBudzman’ Burnett
Artist Highlight – Lisa Smith-Fields
Lisa Smith-Fields
Artist Highlight – Lisle Warner
Lisle Warner
Save the Date! National Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Policy Workshop July 7th.


Artist Highlight – Kenneth Blackman
The Old Cane Cutter
Kenneth Blackman