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The Barbados Endemic Leaf-Toed Gecko “Phyllodactylus Pulcher”

Definition of an Endemic Species

Endemic species are plant and animal species that are found in a particular geographical region and nowhere else in the world. Some species are endemic to a continent while the others can be endemic to an island. In our case, did you know we have an Endemic species of Gecko scientifically called “Phyllodactylus Pulcher” or “The Barbados Leaf-Toed Gecko?  

Webinar series on land-based jobs for young people and a call for content

Webinars on jobs

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in collaboration with Deutsche Welle is organizing a series of webinars designed to inspire people around the world to create youth-led jobs and entrepreneurship in the land sector. 

The 4-part series titled, Webinars on Land-based Jobs for the Youth will include 3 topical webinars organized in three regions Africa (November 2020), Latin America and Caribbean (February 2021), and Asia (April 2021). The concluding global webinar will be held on 12 August 2021 in celebration of International Youth Day. The purpose of the webinar series is to find and motivate young people to initiate and turn sound and durable land-use business ideas into profitable and sustainable enterprises.