Artist Highlight – Maria Standford
Maria Stanford

Have you had a chance to check out Biodiversity Barbados’ Virtual Art Exhibition?

The Ministry of Environment is delighted to once again be working with artists in Barbados to highlight biodiversity and the environment on International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).  IDB was celebrated on Sunday May 22nd under the theme is ‘Building a Shared Future for All Life’ with the Ministry’s second annual Virtual Art Exhibition.  This year’s Art Exhibit features 30 pieces from different local artists, highlighting the theme of ‘Nature’, and throughout the months of May and June, Biodiversity Barbados will be highlighting the contributing artists and their art.

Today we consider this piece by Maria Standford (@mariastandfordartist) entitled ‘Waiting’. The piece shows 8 people presumably waiting to enter a grocery store with delectable images of produce displayed along the walls. We are all dependent on biodiversity for food as we have crossbred a myriad of crops to fit our gastronomic needs. To the right trots a rooster out of frame, perhaps fearful that he too will be on the shelf.

Tune in again tomorrow for our next highlighted artist and art combo.

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