National Wetlands Inventory
Long Pond (Connor Blades 2022)

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands is an international treaty signed in 1971 which promotes the conservation and sustainable or “wise use” of wetlands. Ramsar initiated the Wetlands for the Future programme in 1997 with the aim of building capacity locally as well as gathering information to integrate wetlands conservation and management on the ground. Together, these intend to enhance implementation of the Ramsar Convention, to protect and restore the vital ecosystems that are wetlands.

Common gallinule (Gallinula galeata) (Connor Blades 2021)

In 2022, Barbados was awarded funds from the Wetlands for the Future project. These funds were used to develop an inventory of the wetlands of Barbados as well as a management plan for the Long Pond wetland, recognised for its contribution to the island’s natural capital. The Barbados National Wetland Inventory was completed in March 2023 and categorises the primary, secondary and tertiary wetlands of the island. It further reports on various characteristics of these wetlands including biodiversity, geomorphology, threats, water regimes, and ecosystem services with a special focus on the four primary wetlands: Long Pond, Green Pond, Graeme Hall and Chancery Lane.

Below is a table of all of the wetlands identified in this study. Notably, the study identifies many gaps in knowledge about Barbados’ smaller secondary and tertiary wetland habitats and the biota they are home to. While these wetlands are individually small in area, they collectively form an important repository of biodiversity on the island.

Table 1: Nationally Important Wetlands

Critically Important WetlandsOther Important Wetlands
Chancery Lane WetlandsBrandons/ Brighton Beach wetlandApes Hill Resort ponds
Graeme Hall SwampChapman SwampArchers Bay pond
Green PondCobblers Cove wetlandBath Park pond
Long PondCongo Road SwampBath River pond
 Constitution River EstuaryBawdens Pond
 Coral Reef Club wetlandBayfield pond
 Foster’s SwampCodrington College pond
 Gibbes coastal pondConset Bay estuary
 Golden Grove SwampGreenland ponds
 Hannays SwampHalf Acre pond
 Heywoods SwampIndian Pond/ Redland Plantation pond
 Holetown HoleKendall Plantation pond
 Holetown Police Station wetlandMangrove Swamp (St. Philip)
 Lake’s Beach coastal pondSandy Lane Golf Course ponds
 Maycocks coastal wetland 
 Queen’s Fort wetland 
 River Bay North wetlands 
 River Bay South wetlands 
 Silver Sands lagoon 
 Spring Garden wetland 
 Walkers Reserve wetlands 
 Weston Pond 
 Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge 

To learn more about Barbados’ wetlands, please follow this link to the report.

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