Procedure For Research Request

We are pleased to advise that applications for permission to undertake research on biological diversity in Barbados are to be sent to the Ministry of Environment and national Beautification, where they will be reviewed by the Working Group on Biodiversity.  

The Working Group on Biodiversity is comprised of experts in various biodiversity-related disciplines, who advise the Ministry on matters related to the conservation and use of biodiversity.

The Group will assess the submitted proposals for research and approve or deny the application based on the Ministry’s prerequisites being satisfied.  Please note, permission is granted based on the conditions listed below: 

  1. Your submission should inform the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification of the proposed research, the species involved, the proposed time period and the location of your research.
  2. If biological samples for export are requested as part of the proposal, please be advised that any biological material, including genetic material, is to be used solely for the purpose specified in the submitted application.
  3. The genetic material remains the property of the Government of Barbados.
  4. A report and any publications on the research are required to be submitted for review to the Ministry upon completion.

For further information on the above-mentioned requirements, please contact a representative from the Ministry of Environment and national Beautification.

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