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Strategic Plan for Long Pond Conservation Area

Long Pond, on the northeast coast of Barbados, is one of the few remaining coastal wetlands of significance in the island. It is recognized for its outstanding natural beauty and is a valuable asset to the island’s biodiversity. The sand dunes found in this area protect the coast from high energy wave activity which predominates in that area and are a unique habitat and seascape. The Long Pond area is being impacted by nearby development and by various abuses in its watershed and therefore needs protection. Despite their reduction in areal extent, the communities of species found in this area are ‘authentic remnants’ of those found in the area over 300 years ago. Additionally, several of these species are not found anywhere else on the island, making their conservation critically important not just for Barbados’ wetland ecosystems but for its biodiversity in general.
Long Pond and its adjacent habitats need careful protection and planning if they are to be sustained as natural assets to this country. This wetland of significance, the water course which feeds it and the significant biodiversity which this wetland supports are important components of the natural capital of Barbados. The area has been proposed as a Natural Heritage Conservation Area in the Physical Development Plan (GoB 003). This report provides a strategy for conservation and sustainable use of Long Pond through the establishment of a Natural Heritage Conservation Area which will be referred to as the Long Pond Conservation Area (LPCA).

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