Policy Research Planning and Information Unit

General Information

The Policy Research, Planning and Information Unit’s (formerly the Environmental Unit) role surrounds the provision of facilitation, information dissemination, and research functions to support environmental policy design, implementation, evaluation and report processing.

The PRPIU works collaboratively with the technical/regulatory agencies, and administrative section to provide operational support to the Permanent Secretary in the discharge of the Ministry’s mission.

The guiding philosophy of the PRPIU is:

“Providing the Policy Research, Planning and Information Environment needed to enable Barbados’ thrust as the leading SIDS Exponent of Green Economic Development, and, Exporter of Green Economic Services.”

The Objectives of the PRPIU are

  1. To support national policy and governance processes aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability principles are at the centre of macroeconomic growth strategies.
  2. To facilitate and enable localised community involvement in environmental stewardship, and in adopting a sustainable lifestyles philosophy throughout Barbados.
  3. To ensure Barbados’ school system remains a key agent in interpreting, promoting and acheiving the goal of a green economy.
  4. To facilitate and strengthen Intra- and Inter-Ministry coordination and input in programme development, implementation and review; and
  5. To ensure local development needs, policy approaches and best practices underpin a harmonised approach for positioning Barbados’ green economic thrust as the basis for establishing new regional and international technical cooperation programmes and partnerships

The work of the PRPIU is focussed on the strategies laid out in the Government of Barbados’ Medium Term Development Strategy 2010-2014.